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"Hopeless Romantic PLZ"

Name: Amanda
Age: Sixteen
Pet Peeves: Mean people and gum-smackers
Hobbies: Drawing, acting

Bands: The Postal Service
Singers: Sarah McLachlan
Movies: Moulin Rouge is my ultimate favourite at the moment
Books: Contact by Carl Sagan

This or that...
Half empty or half full? Are you drinking it or filling it up?
Cara-beean or Carib-ean? Um, choice number two.
neether or niiter? "Niither"
caarmal or car-a-mel? "Car-a-mel"
mint or fruity? Fruity. Like the tropical fruit gum by Trident or Orbit. ^_^

Pick a major topic in the world today and state your opinion on it: Gay Marriage: Should be legalsed, 'cause no one should be denied their right of loving (unless it's incestual.. ew.).
What makes you a hopeless romantic? Everything reminds me of my girlfriend, and I always catch myself thinking of things to do to make her feel like the goddess she is.. I'm always listening to cheesy songs (especially by Postal Service, holy crap)
Make a cartoon of yourself here:
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Three interests you would put in our user info:
Moulin Rouge, acting, and anime ^^

Atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself
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